Fence Cleaning Services
Hertfordshire, Essex, London

Wooden fences can be a stylish garden feature, bringing character and sophistication to your property. Over time though, the growth of algae, moss, lichen, grime and other undesirable matter can cause the appearance of your garden fencing and gates to suffer. At A&C Supreme Cleaning Services our highly effective fence cleaning service can clear your wooden fences of all dirt and blemishes, leaving them looking as good as new.

Having your garden fences professionally cleaned isn’t just a matter of aesthetics though. If left untreated, algae, mould, fungi and other organic material can result in permanent damage. Your fence will eventually begin to experience wood rot and decay, which will shorten its lifespan and lead to a costly replacement being required.

Using our specialised cleaning solution we can target all types of algae, moss, grime, lichen, fungi, mould, bacteria and dirt, removing all traces from your garden fences and gates. Not only does our cleaning solution get rid of this mess, it also prevents its regrowth, making sure your fencing will stay healthy and looking its best for a long time.

Professional Garden Fence Cleaning

If your fence is in need of a good clean it’s time to call in the experts. Our professional gate & fence cleaning services are available to residential and commercial customers in Waltham Abbey, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon, Goffs Oak, Cheshunt, Nazeing and the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire, Essex and North London. Get in touch with the A&C Supreme Cleaning Services team today to book your garden fence clean.

Fence Cleaning Services in Hertfordshire
Fence Cleaning Services in Hertfordshire