Driveway Cleaning

Your driveway is often the first impression people will have of your property so it’s natural that you’d want it to be looking its absolute best at all times. However, giving your driveway a thorough and effective clean can be a time and energy consuming task so it’s always a good idea to leave the hard work to the professionals. Our expert driveway cleaning services can bring it back to life, restoring its original colour and leaving it looking as good as new. A&C offer professional driveway cleaning in Cheshunt, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Stevenage, Waltham Cross and local areas of Hertfordshire, Essex and North London.

Driveway before power washing Hertfordshire
Driveway after power washing Hertfordshire

Driveway Power Washing

The accumulation of algae, grime, moss and weeds on your driveway is almost unavoidable. Combine this with the dirt and oil that comes with regularly parked vehicles and the result is a drab and unclean driveway. Aside from the obvious downside of having an unattractive and dirty driveway it can also become a potential hazard. This is a result of algae becoming very slippery, especially when wet or frozen.

Using our specialist eco-friendly driveway cleaning solution combined with our expert power washing equipment we can remove any blemishes, leaving your driveway spotless. If there are any oil stains or weeds we will treat these before the power washing process to ensure they are completely removed along with any other traces of dirt and algae. It’s recommended that you have your driveway cleaned on an annual basis to ensure it stays looking clean and remains safe all year round.

Block Paving Driveway Cleaning

Jet washing a block paving driveway can sometimes loosen the blocks and if they’re not re-sanded afterwards it may cause issues in the future. We ensure that every block paved driveway we professionally clean is re-sanded after it has completely dried, often having to return the following day to complete the job. The re-sanding process is an important one - if you pay to have your driveway cleaned and they don’t re-sand it afterwards, you’ve not received a professional service and you’ll probably end up with an uneven driveway after a few storms!

Power washing is highly effective on block paving driveways however any type of driveway, including natural stone and slabbing, can benefit from professional jet washing services.

Driveway before cleaning Cheshunt
Driveway after cleaning Cheshunt

Driveway Cleaning Testimonials

"A&C Supreme Cleaning Services are perfectionists and treat your driveway as they would treat their own. A&C Supreme Cleaning Services kept us informed at all times and the result is excellent."
Mr Price, Essex

"A brilliant job from Charley. Our driveway looks like new and was finished in just over 2 hours. Reliable and professional, we would recommend their driveway cleaning to anyone.
Pat and Carol, Cheshunt

Book Professional Driveway Cleaning Services

If you think your driveway is dirty, lifeless and has seen better days don’t assume it’s a lost cause. Our expert driveway cleaners can bring your driveway back to its former glory in no time. After we’re finished with it your driveway will look almost as good as the day it was laid. Our driveway cleaning services are available across local areas of Hertfordshire, Essex and North London including Waltham Cross, Cheshunt, Stevenage, Broxbourne & Wormley. Contact us today to arrange your professional driveway clean.


Before driveway cleaning Waltham Cross, Herts


After driveway cleaning Waltham Cross, Herts


Before driveway cleaning Woodford, Herts


After driveway cleaning Woodford, Herts