Driveway Cleaning Wormley, Hertfordshire

This driveway in Wormley was looking pretty sorry for itself before I started. It’s an expensive brick-style block paved driveway which had unfortunately succumbed to a lot of algae spots, as well as the usual dirt layer making it look quite dull & grey.

I reassured the client that it would clean up well, but it’s not a quick job for a driveway of this size that needs re-sanding once dry. I use a special cleaning product to attack the algae spots before pressure washing the driveway thoroughly and as you can see from the images, the driveway looked as good as new afterwards.

Client Testimonial

Just wanted to say what a great job Supreme Cleaning Services have done on my driveway, it looks just as it did when it was first laid considering that it was in a pretty bad state.

Charley was very professional and friendly, he arrived on time and got straight on with the job.

I would highly recommend A&C Supreme Cleaning Services.

Thank you once again.
Linda Richards

April, May & June are very busy months for A&C Supreme Cleaning, as people realise spring has come & their patios & driveways are looking dirty and unloved after the winter. I find myself working weekends to accommodate everyone, but I know the look of joy when my clients view their cleaned driveway or patio is worth it.

If you’re looking for driveway or patio cleaning in Wormley, Broxbourne or local areas of Hertfordshire, please call me for a quote.

Driveway Cleaning Wormley
Driveway Cleaning Wormley
Driveway Cleaning Wormley

Wormley, Broxbourne or local areas of Hertfordshire

Driveway Cleaning Wormley, Hertfordshire

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