Driveway & Patio Cleaning Great Amwell, Herts

A&C Supreme Cleaning were tasked with cleaning this large patio and driveway in Great Amwell, Hertfordshire. They were both very dirty and had weeds growing through, but I’m used to that.

Using our special cleaning solution, it took two applications and some hard graft to bring the patio, driveway and garden path back to looking their best. The job was done in stages, as you need to allow time for the cleaning solution to work, as well as allowing the driveway to dry thoroughly after the final power washing. This can take a few hours on a dry day, or I often leave it overnight before re-sanding, to ensure no future movement of the bricks.

The client was very pleased with the finished results, as you can read in his review below.

Client Testimonial

"Charley did a great job cleaning a large very dirty patio and drive.  Great service and kept me informed about what he was doing the treatments used.  Everything done as we agreed.  I will certainly use his services again and have no hesitation recommending his services.  "


If you are looking for professional driveway or patio cleaning in Great Amwell or local areas of Herts, please contact A&C Supreme Cleaning for a free quote.

Great Amwell, Herts

Driveway & Patio Cleaning Great Amwell, Herts

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