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This lovely natural sandstone patio in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire had black spots all over it, so I was asked whether patio cleaning could protect the patio from a re-occurrence, as well as cleaning it. The black spots are caused by lichen and jet washing alone will remove them, but they will come back. That’s why A&C Supreme Cleaning use a spray treatment as well as power washing, for the ultimate patio cleaning in Hertfordshire.

The spray treatment will protect your patio for at least a year, so next year we can quickly re-apply the spray treatment without the need of a thorough jet wash, saving you money and me time! With the added bonus that you don’t get unsightly black spots re-appearing on your patio.

Client Testimonial

"Having neglected cleaning my sandstone patio for several years, it was very dull, grimy, covered in black spots and bird droppings. Charlie treated the surface several times and it looks brand new now. I was amazed at how fast, efficient and effective the cleaning was. The products used left no horrible smell and my sandstones are sparkling and back to their original colours. I would highly recommend the service."
Joan, Broxbourne

If you’d like to remove lichen black spots from your patio or just get it thoroughly cleaned, call today for a patio cleaning quote in Broxbourne, Goffs Oak, Cuffley, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Hoddesdon or the surrounding Hertfordshire, Essex and North London areas.

Patio cleaning Broxbourne, Hertfordshire
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Patio Cleaning Broxbourne
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Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

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